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Removal of moles, skin tags and warts

Surgery, Excision, Shave Biopsy, Cryotherapy, Cautery, Dermoscopy, Mole Check


Warts, skin tags and moles can be easily and safely removed by an experienced dermatologist. The most common type of mole removal is Shave Biopsy where a raised mole or other skin lesion is sliced off flush or slightly below the level of the skin leaving a very faint and often invisible scar. Smaller skin tags and warts can be removed by cryotherapy (freezing) or cautery (burning).        


Before a mole is removed, it will be examined by dermoscopy to ensure that it is harmless. Consultation, dermoscopy and surgical removal can all be done during one visit, in less than one hour.


All surgical procedures are undertaken by Dr. Anne Ward, a Consultant Dermatologist with more than 20 years’ experience in skin surgery. Click here to see the Inspection Report from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).





These prices are a guide. Moles that require more complex procedures are priced accordingly. For more information, click here.


£200 – Shave Biopsy – Skin tags

£300 – Shave Biopsy – Benign Intradermal Naevus (Mole)    




The Lichfield Mole Removal Clinic is within easy reach of Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Burntwood and Burton.

Shave Biopsy of a large raised mole (Benign Intradermal Naevus) 
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